Our Diversity Statement

United Way of Vance County expressly opposes racism, xenophobia, and all types of oppression. It is our goal to practice equity in all our endeavors, from engagement with donors to investment of community resources to our interactions with the public.  We commit to equity as a core value and strive to advance our mission of connecting people, resources, and organizations to create a thriving community for all. It is imperative that we operate without bias towards race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, as well as with other organizations in order to end social and systemic inequities that exist. 


United Way of Vance County is committed to engaging and supporting leaders from underrepresented neighborhoods as partners, donors, and volunteers.  We also intentionally create pathways for them to be included in decision-making and leadership roles within our organization as well as others. We acknowledge that building and sustaining equity in our community requires an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion which is fully expressed in our organizational culture, values and practices, as well as those of our partners.