Tiny Food Pantries

United Way of Vance County is proud to announce the opening of the first Tiny Pantry. First Presbyterian Church in Henderson applied for and received a grant from your local United Way for $1,000 to build and maintain a Tiny Pantry. Located on Church Street in the rear of the church, the pantry is designed to serve as a place for folks to bring and take non-perishable food, paper goods and toiletries for free.

United Way received an anonymous grant from an out-of-state donor which made it possible to offer smaller grants to local churches and organizations to build these tiny pantries and help defray the cost of initial stocking of the pantry. Interest in the Tiny Pantry concept is spreading throughout the area. If your organization is interested in sponsoring one, please contact our office at 715 S Garnett St, Henderson, NC 27536, or call 252 492 8392, or via e-mail at unitedwayofvance@gmail.com.