United Way Vance County

2016-2017 TOWER CLUB

$1,000 to $2,499 - Elite Guard

Dr. Ronald Stahl
Michael Brafford
George and Marsha Fowler
Charles Hubbard
George Watkins
G. T. Blackburn

$750 to $999 Honor Guard

Dr. Anthony Jackson

$500 to $749 Tower Guard

Donna Stearns
John Cole
Michael Gordon
Tommy and Jane Haithcock
Stacy Kelly
Rita Clark
Susan and David Waters
Tommy and Carolyn Farmer
Bob and Roxanne Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. James Goodwin
Zeb Vance Elementary School
Ben Crabtree
Brent Sprunger

$250 + Club

Cathy Brown
Joseph Penkunus
Suzanne Crumpler
Eileen Grissom
Betsy Hunt
Christie C West
Kathie G Adcock
Bobby J Jones
Anthony Adams
Dr. Cornelius Cathcart
Marshall Cooper
Ray and Cass Meeks
Richard C. Palamar
Carolyn Powell
Donald Seifer, Sr.
Dana Delagarzea
James Germann

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